Permits and
border crossings

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  • Driving your own car or riding your own motorcycle is one of the best things you can imagine!

Permits and border crossings. After passing many border crossings, a lot of knowledge has been gained about the possibilities and impossibilities.

Some borders are for local traffic only, some have very long waiting times or complicated procedures. There are countries where it’s easy to cross the border, but you should have arranged your permit yourself in advance. There are also countries where you are not allowed to come with your car at all or where a permit must be applied for months prior to your visit. There are countries where driving is only allowed under escort or countries where a right-hand drive car is not allowed.

We provide you with the essential information. If necessary, JWRoutes & Support can arrange a permit in advance. This also applies to China, Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam.

Permits and borders - essential information by JWRoutes&Support