JWRoutes & Support, how it works

All routes that are available on JW Routes & Support have been plotted and driven by us. Combined with our 24/7 support, this provides a wonderful starting point for your road trip. This is how it works.

JWRoutes & Support - Drive the most beautiful routes around the world yourself!

The community

Members get access to our knowledge base with the routes that we have been driving ourselves. All routes are kept up to date by the community. They are downloadable an unlimited number of times and consist of waypoints. Members can upload our routes in applications such as maps.me and google maps. The waypoints not only indicate the correct direction, but also contain a wealth of information about border crossings, paved or unpaved roads and, for example, ferry crossings.

  • The routes consist of waypoints. These GPS points tell you where to drive.

  • All routes are kept up to date by the community.
How it works. JWRoutes & Support informs and offers.

24/7 support

During your overland adventure, you can contact us by e-mail, WhatsApp, via the site, by telephone and even via the satellite telephone with questions and requests. Imagine your car is having issues and you cannot go any further, in those cases we can most likely help you solve the problems. With a reliable repairman on location, or one of our people.

  • 24/7 support if you have questions or are in trouble.
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JWRoutes & Support not only provides information. The services go beyond that. For example, we can arrange a specialized shipment, including customs clearance for you. You can also take out insurance for your car in Kenya. Driving around in China and maybe even Tibet? We take care of it!